Drinkies Over the Holidays

Are you a drinker or a teetotaller? Which drink tickles your fancy when you’re off work spending time with family and friends? As a teetotaller I usually stay away from alcohol (and pretty much always have as my family is full of alcoholics, which is actually a good deterrent, lol), but during the holidays or on a special occasion it is nice to join in and have a small drink. But I’ve found that being a non-drinker can work against you in these situations as I get drunk very fast very quick, so I make sure I only ever have the one drink (I just nurse it for as long as possible so it looks like I’m still drinking, lol). And another put-off with alcohol is the taste. I don’t know how people can drink large amounts of liquid that tastes so gross, though I suppose after the first few drinks the rest probably taste good. So if I am going to have a drink I’ll usually go for something that doesn’t have a strong taste so it can be partially disguised by soda or juice. These Vodka Cruisers aren’t too bad, but I still find their taste a little too strong for my liking (hmm, I might try mixing them with soda water next time). Cheers!


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