Five Foot Give or Take

As this is my first post for this blog I thought it would also be a good time to introduce myself and my height, or lack-there-of, in a more visual way. One of my favourite things in life are: books! It’s what I do, it’s what I love. Reading and writing. And of course I need somewhere to put all of the books that I’ve accumulated over the years, and believe you me, I’ve accumulated a lot (just ask my hubby, he’s always complaining about them, lol). I have a few bookcases in the house, namely in the lounge room and my office, but I have also been known to stash a few books in drawers as well.

So I’m guessing that it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that I also have a large pile of books on the floor in my bedroom that are in need of a new home. I’ve been calling this particular pile the ‘leaning tower of ru-ro’ as it’s mostly Australian rural romance novels (one of my favourite genres).

The other week I dragged hubby off to Kmart and picked up two of these small bookcases in white to match the rest of my bedroom furniture. All of my other bookcases are black and are just over 6 foot tall, but I wanted smaller ones for the bedroom so they didn’t dominate the space. After we put the first one together I walked behind it and literally disappeared. Hubby said he turned away for a sec and when he turned back around he thought I’d left the room – lol. So I thought I’d use this pic as proof to show that I am indeed a short-arse, with the bookcase being 147cm and me not being much more than that (and my hair is puffed up a bit as I’d washed it the night before).

These bookcases were super easy to put together too and the quality wasn’t too bad for only $39 each. Thought I’d include a pic of the box so you can see the measurements for yourself, 147cm in height so only 4’8″, so I’m a smidge over 5′ on a good day (though I swear I’m shrinking as I get older, lol).

Lovelies, please comment below and let me know how ‘tall’ you all are.


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