January 2017 Wrap Up

So January has been and gone in a blink of the eye. I touched on being only 5 foot-ish tall and drinking alcohol when you’re short. Not a whole lot else happened, though I did get started back at uni on my phd revisions (#phdfromhell #neverendingphd). I’ll have this paper finished one day, lol!

Hubby also had a birthday, 47th, and is now freaking out that he’ll soon be 50, though I keep reminding him that he’ll always be 16 to me. It’s funny how I don’t see him as a middle-aged man, I always see him as he was when we met back in 1986. And yet, that seems like a lifetime ago, some days, and only a couple of years ago, other days. Life is strange.

How about you, what did you get up to in January?

Thanks for reading!


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