My favourite short curvy girl jeggings

Being plus size and only 5 foot tall makes it really difficult to find any jeans or pants that aren’t too long, yet still wide and comfy for my apple shape. And if I do luck out and find something that fits my hips and bum, I usually still need to have them taken up (taken up by a lot, which usually costs more than the pants). But today is the day! Today is the day I found my jean/pant nirvana… in the guise of jeggings. But not just any jeggings, not jeggings that will need to be altered. No, these jeggings are already PERFECT! Jump over to Kmart and grab yourself some of their plus size 3/4 length jeggings! They are amazing and the perfect length for my short stumpy legs. Actually, get yourself a few pairs, because they are a meagre $13! Bargain! I took a few snaps of the pair I bought today to show the length (I’d already taken the sticky tag off and folded it to throw away, sorry, but put it back on for the pic). #shortcurvylifebargain



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