Persian Chocolate Pancake Surprise

Oh Em Gee! Yes, that was my response when this first hit the table. And, this was breakfast! Like, hello, breakfast, you know, the first meal of the day. This looked like the cook had stuffed up and didn’t realise it was 9am on a lazy Sunday morning so had cooked us up some desert by mistake. But no, this was the cafe’s version of chocolate pancakes.

Suffice to say, when deciding to order chocolate pancakes for breakfast, I had only expected a small stack of two, maybe three, plain pancakes with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Not that I was disappointed with this, I was just not expecting anything quite like this. And none of us could finish the entire thing, understandably with all of that carby-sugeriness. It was certainly a surprising, and rather pretty, start to the day.


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